The Supercharger required an exhaust, and for now Richard used a standard N/A item which just about fitted. This allowed the car to be run without sounding like a very LOUD tractor. Various other jobs have been done and other requirements have come to light...

It's hoped that we can get the Supercharger to the stage where it can be used for a trackday sometime within the first few months of next year, as a shakedown. Only then will we be able to tell what further modifications are required ready for the first event in April.

The Cooler The Better...


The parts required to convert the Supercharger to running a chargecooler (water-cooled) rather than an intercooler (air-cooled) have started to arrive. The first item was a Subaru Legacy Chargecooler:

This will cool the air coming from the supercharger before it goes into the plenum chamber. The second item to arrive was a Fiat Cinquecento Radiator. This will be used to cool the water running through the chargecooler which in turn will cool the air passing through that. The radiator itself is quite compact and very lightweight being an aluminium core with plastic end caps:

The third item to arrive was an electric water pump from a VW/Audi which will be used to circulate the coolant around the chargecooler system. All these purchases so far have been via eBay. The only other items required for the conversion are some silicon pipes to transport the coolant between the radiator and chargecooler, and for getting air from the supercharger into the chargecooler and back out into the plenum.

The Nippon Challenge website is now up and running and an interesting selection of cars has begun to form within it. This bodes well for a mixed field of car makes, models and performance levels. Visit www.nipponchallenge.co.uk for more details.

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