Preparations for the 2011 Season


Work has begun on improving Karen's car and making it more competitive in 2011. First job was removal of the original Cusco/Safety21 rollcage which was no longer able to pass race scrutineering thanks to front struts that bent around the dashboard. With that out, all the sound deadening was also removed. The car is now ready for fitting of a new (MSA compliant!) rollcage by sponsors TenguDo Motorsport once they are in their new workshop premises.

The air-conditioning has also been removed and the rear doors and passenger door are yet to be gutted of their window winder mechanisms. A new racing battery has been bought which is only 7kg. Other new purchases include an induction pipe to replace the resonator box and smooth the airflow, a strut brace for the rear suspension and finally an aluminium bonnet to further reduce weight.

There will no doubt be further modifications to reduce weight and thus aid acceleration and braking. The season is approaching fast, and it'll soon become a race in itself to get Karen's car ready for some decent practice sessions before the first race...

About Karen Phillips

  • Karen races her Impreza WRX in the Classic and Sports Car Club (CSCC) Modern Classics series, with her husband Richard as a 2nd Driver. The races are mini-endurance events involving a driver-swap. Karen has previously raced in the Nippon Challenge, a race series for Japanese and Asian cars. Karen has been racing since 2006, having started in the MR2 Challenge.
  • Please check this site regularly for updates on Karen's progress through the season and developments with her race car.

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